One-off homes

One-off homes

Since we first established Cover Storey Architects, bespoke private homes, self-build projects and home improvements have been a key part of our collective lives and growth. However large or small, these projects represent unique opportunities to translate often very personally held client aspirations into inspirational and transformational spaces. Each scheme offers its own set of rules and challenges, aspirations, context, budget and opportunity. We have strength and talent in our design architects, always seeking to exceed our client's expectations and devise elegant yet practical solutions.

A quote from a client and dear friend:
"A London friend visited [our Client's new home] for the first time today, I know it’s sunny but she went round saying ‘the lines, the light, it’s magnificent!’ .

As custodians of what is often a client's greatest financial investment of a lifetime, our approach to homes is grounded firmly in the context of our clients, their sites, their dreams and their budget. Our self-build clients frequently have an aspiration or a vision, and may have a method of construction which interests them- at Cover Storey we have experience in traditional construction through to off-site fabricated houses.

Our designs always seek to be environmentally aware and mature, balancing the fundamentals of fabric first design with the introduction of renewable energy sources and a minimising approach to energy usage.

Where to begin? It can seem daunting to a client to know where to begin. We will take you through all stages of the process from first ideas through selecting the right construction method to finding the right contractor. For those who prefer, we can also manage the project on site. Every project is different and important. Please come in to see us and talk through your aspirations – we would love to help you realise your dreams.