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Home Extensions

Home Extensions

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The pandemic has seen a significant shift in focus, resulting in people becoming more aware of their home environments and their importance in terms of quality of like. Investing in your home is for most people the largest single investment they will ever make aside from the initial purchase of their home and this places a singular importance on the project and also a responsibility to safeguard that investment.

At Cover Storey, we understand the significance of that investment and also that the design and construction process may well be alien and ths daunting to you as a client. We are here to guide you and to give you the confidence and support to transform your initial aspirations into reality to create the home environment that you seek.

We will guide you through the design, procurement and delivery process, and it is our mission that you not only love the end result but also that you enjoy the journey to that end result. The images show a variety of projects at both deisgn and completed stages, highlighting our team's ability to not only design but also to present your ideas in a readily understandable 3D format.