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Front Elevation1
Front Elevation1
Rear Elevation Revised
Hipped gable
Mondrian window design

Drift Road

Drift Road

Due on site Autumn 2018

Private Client

Drift Road is an Arts and Crafts style private home, nestled into the landscape looking down over Fareham. The Arts & Crafts style creates of the existing house provides a strong aesthetic. Our solution to remove a later and incongruous two-storey addition allows the original arts and crafts style roof form to steer the flow of the new extension. The result is a subtle and apparently traditional street-facing elevation, revealing the proportions of the original hipped gable which were previously obscured. Moving round to the garden elevation, the traditional form has transforms into a more playful and relaxed space, allowing a bright and open contemporary family room to connect closely to the outdoors.

The reinvigorated ground floor once again can be a series of flexible spaces for entertaining or just to suit family living whilst sensitively maintaining the original character of the house.